Batman V Superman Review (2016)

"Don't go see this movie in theaters," is what I said in the video above and I mean every word. If you're a comic book fan and were expecting a Frank Miller style story telling, erase that from your mind now. Keep your money and walk in the other direction.This film will seem decent to anyone who just likes explosions and fights.......if you skip to the two hour and fifteen minute mark. Yes I said skip. You can literally miss two hours worth of the movie and jump in just for the fight scenes. You wont really miss anything important whatsoever.

The best parts of the film to me were Wonder Woman (which if you watch any of my other videos on this movie, you know I do not like the actress that was chosen and yet she was STILL the best part of the movie to me) and the short twenty second clips of Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. The film was amazingly stale and uneventful ninety percent through it and the only thing that really saved it were the special effects, well, at least until the film showcases Doomsday.

I'll just leave those there....Doomsday looks like a sick TMNT member battling a life threatening disease. Anyways, let me stop. The movie as a whole, I would give it a 5.5/10. The story was boring, the plot advanced very little, there were misunderstandings that would never happen between Batman and Superman, and the effects were decent as the great Sokka once said.

But, all in all the movie is not worth going to the theater for. You should wait for it to hit the bargain bin at Walmart, fast forward through to the two hour and fifteen minute mark and pick up on the film there. You wont miss anything important. The saddest thing is, even with all the criticism I gave on my channel of the film's trailer, I really wanted this film to change my outlook. I hoped for the best and was met with regret that I paid for my whole family to see this film.

Don't be me.


Posted 28th March 2016 by Akua DaWolf

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