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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Review


This is one summer feel good film with religious and creation story undertones sure to send you for a loop then drop you like a bad habit. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is a great way to get your fill on some superhero fun as we wait for some of the marvel and dc heavy hitters to make their splash on the big screen this summer! Shout out to the homie Slicktactics who took me for my birthday and blessed me with such a comical superhero film, this is my review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 wastes no time in setting up the stage for the storyline in this film. We are quickly introduced to a character named Ego, who is the embodiment of a planet somewhere in the cosmos that developed a consciousness. Yes, things get particularly space-y and weird, but it doesn’t stop there. The story moves on to the present with the gang protecting batteries for who we will call the Golden Urinals. Apparently they are easily offended so I feel like this is a wonderful description of them.

A chase scene ensues and as the story progresses the viewers are introduced to Nebula, Gamora’s sister with a bad attitude and cybernetic parts. She was caught stealing the batteries from the Golden Urinals, so the Guardians made it their mission to collect her. The battles between the two as a children put a severe strain on their relationship as their father, Thanos, would replace Nebula’s body parts with cybernetic bolts and screws to make her the equal of Gamora. This brings a whole new meaning to the words sibling rivalry.

We soon find out that Ego is Star-Lord’s father. Honestly the film at this point has no real direction until this moment. The movie then speeds off at hyper speed to show Ego isn’t exactly dad of the year, the two duke it out and the universe saved thanks to the guardians of the galaxy, a sacrifice from Star Lord’s David Hassolhoff, a revitalization of that family feel the guardians bring, and the unspoken thing coming to realization.


Thinking back, this film stayed pretty funny. There were plenty of jokes to go around and 80s music to keep the film lively even when it tackled more of the large plot points. But honestly, humor and action is as about as much strength as your going to get from this film.


Thinking back, this film stayed pretty funny. There were moments where the action on screen gave way to dialogue but like I said if you go into this more in the mindset of this just a feel good super hero film, you shouldn’t leave disappointed.

This film pretty much feels like a filler episode of Naruto. It can be entertaining but you also feel like it’s just a vehicle for the bigger title coming this summer


Now this review is rather short because to be honest I saw this movie two times and still couldn’t remember a thing about what I saw. This movie is honestly a summer good flick with superheroes served up a la carte by Marvel. There are a lot of meme worthy moments like Mister blue mary poppins but there are also moments that just genuinely wont stick with you. Or at least it didn’t to me. Now, that’s not to say it was a bad movie, quite frankly I enjoyed it. But, I almost enjoyed it in the same way I would enjoy a summer spy movie. Lots of great jokes and action but a lot of times not a super captivating story.

I would give guardians of the galaxy v 2 a 6.5/10. An enjoyable block buster featuring some of Marvel characters that you should go check out if you have the time and just want to have a good laugh.

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