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I vaguely remember playing this game as a child and being super excited about the vampires in it. Since I was young, even though creatures of the night frightened me, I always had a weird fascination with vampires, werewolves, and everything else that hides under our beds and go bump in the night. So to stumble across news about Castlevania getting an animated series from Netflix, I could not describe my excitement. Anime recently for me, maybe because of where I look for new shows, have been rather lack luster outside of a few titles this year. I was more than ready for something to peak my interest and Castlevania did just that and then broke my heart without short it really was. It dropped me like a bad habit right when it was getting good, but it’s worth the trip and here’s why


Castlevania is an animated series loosely based on the game of the same name. In Castlevania, a show of only four episodes, the story begins with Dracula first meeting his wife. A woman who truly wants to heal human beings and not do parlor tricks like the local witches in the area, she seeks out Dracula to be taught. Dracula becomes fond of her and allows her to learn the “magic” of the immortals but in return she gives him the sense of being human. By sense, I mean they discuss travel and she convinces him to travel as humans do to understand the world and that not all humans are horrible creatures.

Well things take a huge turn for the worse when Dracula’s wife, Lisa, is burned to death in the town square of Greist by the local priest and church. They kill her because they found “evidence” of witch craft and by that they mean, they found science. Yes, a dark time indeed. They believe that religion and God are the only tools humans need to get by so for her to perform the “miracles” of healing their sick, in return she is blessed with death.

Dracula, furious at the fact his wife has been murdered and the local priest denounces his existence, he openly says to everyone in the area they have one year to leave Greist or he will smite the earth to erase their entire existence.

Unfortunately for the towns people, no one listens and Dracula does just that, but not before damn near murdering his son, Alucard, who does not believe all humans both bad and good should be killed. Alucard disappears underneath a particular city where the main hero Trevor Belmont, from the House of Belmont, will find himself in nearing the end of the season.

Trevor Belmont and the Belmont family were monster hunters who were banished by the unknown Catholic church and the people in the area who believed them to be evil, kind of like the Speakers. As the show progress Trevor gets himself into a situation where he helps find an elder Speakers grand daughter, a powerful sorcerer. During this time frame Dracula’s forces continue to over run the country and the city but they are soon deterred when Trever and the sorcerer organize the people and fight back with steel and magic. The series ends abruptly with Alucard being released from his coffin underground which plays on the idea of the “Sleeping Soldier” myth in the town. The three band together to start their planning on taking down his father Dracula and the series Is over……in four episode. Geezus.


First thing I have to mention as a person who’s studies animation and continue to pursue education in it is the animation, my god is breathtaking. My favorite thing to do is to watching the opening credits. It all transitions so effortlessly in this sketch style they decided to go with. It fully embodies the theme of rough and adventurous that the series is trying to project. On top of that, the gruesome world of Castlevania is captured perfectly. Guts and brains line the streets garnished with buckets of bright red colorful blood. The fighting is also amazing to watch. Each character moves in such a fluid motion I had to mention it as a strength.

Though the story is loosely based on the video game of the same name, Castlevania does not disappoint at all. This show hits the ground running and keeps your attention the entire time. Its entertainingly while showing extremists on both sides of the coin and what kind of destruction can occur when the two opposing forces collide.


Why, why? I am honestly so tired of great series being limited as hell. I was kicking back maxing relaxing all cool and watching the Castlevania series preparing my mind for binge worthy content. The moment I was really getting into it, excited by the amazing animation and interesting story, it abruptly stops...It just stops. Four episodes Netflix? Really? Is this what we do now? Do we just hold out on great characters and storylines? Why are they for ransom?

This is the only issue I can think of that the show suffers from. It reminds me of when Dc Comics first announced Vixen the animated series and I go in pure excitement to watch it and the episodes are only five minutes long. It’s not cute. It’s not funny. It’s not what we want. Give me my interesting character archs, fresh stories, and I will willingly give you my money. I just feel cold and hollow right now.


Despite the series being so unbearably short it was a good introduction into the Castlevania anime. world. There was plenty of things to maintain your attention. If you’re a fan of the supernatural, gorey scenes, and great story telling then you will definitely enjoy Castlevania overall. The only weakness I would say this show suffers from is being so short. It definitely has an interesting concept and I am hoping to see that the series continues at this quick action packed pace. I give Castlevania Season 1 a 7/10.

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