Finally!! After decades of beginning for a Wonder Woman film, DC Comics has finally delivered. This film for all intensive purposes was actually pretty solid, something that is rare for DC if we’re being honest. Though this film has one serious trope that genuinely annoyed me, overall I enjoyed my time watching this and would recommend it to any Wonder Woman fan who is looking for a decent representation of the bad ass herself! Though there was no invisible jet this film will have you entertained and at the edge of your seat for one of the first queens of comics. This is my Wonder Woman (2017) Review!


Wonder Woman (2017) starts off in the present with Wayne Enterprises dropping off an image of Diana and friends from World War II to the demigod herself. While she’s busy reminiscing the viewers are soon introduced to her origin story and how the island of Themyscira came to be. Zeus the creator of man was originally pleased with his creations on earth but soon his soon Aries went out of his way to corrupt them. To ease the newfound trouble in the world, Zeus created the amazons to sway their hearts but man of course, in true human fashion, found a way to fuck that up.

Hippolata, the soon to be queen of Themyscira, led a revolt against the men with the help of Zeus. In retaliation, Aries started picking off gods one by one, but Zeus was able to best him and wound him deep enough for Aries to retreat. As Zeus was dying he created the island of Themyscira to hide the Amazons from mankind and also left something behind known as the God killer. Unknown to Diana and the other amazons outside of Hippolata and her blood sister, Diana is actually the god-killer and the daughter of Zeus.

As the movie progresses Hippolata’s sister trains Diana to secretly prepare her for her destiny, to take down her half brother Aeries. Soon, during another vigorous day of training with her aunt, Diana spots a plane crashing through their force field time pocket thing. This is when Steve Trevor is introduced. A pilot in the military WHO HAS BEEN A LOVE INTEREST FOR WONDER WOMAN SINCE FOREVER. Can we stop acting like a strong woman having a love interest some how takes away from her strength? It doesn’t. It never has. She’s the badass in the story and there’s no denying that. A woman can be strong and still be in love with a man, if you think otherwise you’re insecure, so sorry. Anyways, moving on. Just had to say that piece because I’m tired of the bullshit reviews from people who have never read a wonder woman comic in their life. Please take several seats.

Diana saves Trevor but unfortunately for the amazons, specifically Hippolata’s sister, the Germans were able to get to their shores and kill some of their warriors. Diana soon decides to go against her mothers wishes and get to “man’s world” with Trevor to free mankind from the influence of Aeries, who she believe is responsible for the war and everything wrong with man in the present era. She works with Trevor and his team and is actually proven to be right about Aeries involvement but only after saving a village, that village being destroyed, and then she kills the wrong man. With a bizarre twist we find out who Aeries is but I wont spoil that for you.

There are a lot of details between now and then but because I want you to actually go out and see the movie, I’m going to keep these details out of the review. Diana ends up literally saving the world and defeating her blood brother Aeries. The film wraps up with Diana thanking Bruce Wayne in an email for finding the long lost picture of her time during the World War and expresses that she protects humans out of love even though we aren’t deserving of it.


Finally, A DC Comics film with great pacing that doesn’t feature my husband Batman. Wonder Woman was actually a well-paced movie although it was long. It had a decent story and told a Wonder Woman plot line combined from her original origin story and the new 52. It was amazing to finally see her story told on the big screen with proper execution, no hyper sexualization (at least not blatant. The only amount of sexualization used in the film mostly deals with the ideals of era).

The Amazons were shown in all shapes and sizes and styles of athleticism. You can tell casting really went out of their way to find toned athletic women who actually knew a thing or two about fighting. If they didn’t in the beginning then they did a hell of a job preparing for the role. These women were believable in their combat skill level.

The story for the most part was a good one. There was a trope that was annoying to me but didn’t ruin the film. The twists and turns were great and the romance did not take up the entirety of the film, which it shouldn’t seeing how Wonder Woman is a warrior first. I enjoyed the fact that they showed that Wonder Woman, if she was pushed and believed it was the right thing to do, had absolutely no problems killing. She is a trained killer and I always hated when she was watered down to be on the same level of killing is wrong like the other two in the trinity.


For me there was only one weakness in this film and it was the “Love conquers all”

No w let me reiterate that I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM WITH THE STEVE TREVOR AND WONDER WOMAN LOVE STORY. Unlike these people who have never picked up a wonder woman comic or think that a badass woman cant have a love interest, I believe firmly that women like this should. It doesn’t take away from the fact that they are badass. If you segregate them from being able to have a relationship you dehumanize them in away. Strong women, capable women, warrior women, etc should be allowed to be in love and not seem weaker for it. It doesn’t attack the idea of feminism but to me enhances it. A man that can love a woman like wonder woman is basically saying he is secure enough in himself that if his woman is stronger in all aspects he has no problem with it. He sees her as his equal. So pipe the fuck down.

The issue I had with the Love Conquers All BULLSHIT, is the fact that Steve Trevor has always been one of Wonder Woman’s first love interests, if not the absolute first. For the thing that happened to him in the movie to actually happen and she responds in this upbeat manners seem unrealistic. This should’ve been painful. Hard to stomach in my opinion. The fact that it was just used to kind of unlock her true power is trope for both men and women I am SO TIRED of seeing. You’re an all powerful being, stop letting your love interests get caught up and then you want to get mad. I would’ve just liked to see this executed differently.


It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to finally see Wonder Woman on the big screen. I remember days of watching re-runds of the Wonder Woman show from my mother’s childhood with her and hoping to one day take her to see her on the big screen. The day finally came and there was so much nostalgia there for new and old fans of the most powerful woman in the DC universe. The film for the most part was executed well and was everything I was hoping for. Thank you DC Comics for finally creating the film so many of us have been waiting for. Wonder Woman is one of your titans and we’ve been waiting forever. Thank you for executing well. Thank you for giving her the light she’s always deserved. This film gets an 8.5/10 for me and is definitely one of the best ones in DC Comics entire live action film franchise so go check it out!

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