Now, I know most Batman fans are used to the super tough and moody character, but in Batman & Harley Quinn we get to see a more light-hearted funnier side with a Batman the Animated Series style sure to delight anybody going into the theater for a good laugh. As long as you don’t take this film too serious you’ll be sure to have some fun. There wasn’t a whole lot of substance or detective work but instead the viewer is met with whacky cooky fun straight from the brain of Bruce Timm. Get your utility belt ready because this is my review of Batman & Harley Quinn.


Batman & Harley Quinn has a story based around the misadventures of Harley, Batman, and Nightwing as they try to keep Poison Ivy and John Woodrow from changing everything in the world into walking party vegetable trays. While the two greenest people in Gotham city work together to create a cure to the epidemic know as humanity, Batman & Nightwing seek an unlikely ally in Harley Quinn.

Nightwing finds Harley and the two quickly...erm, get frisky after Harley bests him in a moment of fisticuffs with some Joker venom. Batman soon rendezvous with the two after finding them at Harley’s hideout and the trio make their way through gotham when Harley suddenly hops out the car. The two heroes pursue behind her thinking it was a lead to where Ivy’s whereabouts may be, but are soon disappointed when they find out it’s an ex of hers.

Batman jumps down her throat and Harley cleans up her act enough to bring them to a villain’s nightclub. Yes, you read that right. Apparently this is the go to spot for the henchmen to relax after a long day or two of being criminals. After a singing bit that really didn’t need to be there the trio finally takes off to locate Ivy. During this time frame Ivy and Jon have figured out how to make their plant-apocalypse formula and kill the scientist when the building catches fire and the trio interferes.

The trio lose the two planty people and are shocked to find out exactly what the plan is of the two. Soon they are able to catch up to them with some help from the government forces and Harley is able to use her charm to get Ivy to drop her plan. Unfortunately, John has other plans and is soon confronted by Swampthing. However, Swamp Thing isn't much help and as he is returning to the green John laughs and tries to continue with the plan. While Batman and Nightwing are freaking out Harley recommends they use a match since he's entirely plant based and the two end up kissing her on the cheek.


This is a funny adult style film for any true blue batman fans looking to see one of his rogue gallery members shine. This is not a serious film by any stretch of the imagination and as long as you dont go in there thinking it will be you should be fine.

Although the story honestly isnt all that engaging the film makes up for it in Harley's absolutely unpredictable nature. She's definitely the shinning star in this film, but even her glow couldnt save the film from it's weaknesses


The story arch honestly wasnt all that interesting. It's only saved by the performances of Harley, Nightwing, and Batman. I found myself getting rather bored whenever they tried to actually progress the plot which is unusual for me with anything Batman related.

The sex scene between Harley and Nightwing seemed rather unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, kind of like the one between Batman and Barbra in the killing joke. It felt a little forced and unnecessary. It seems like outside of the cursing, DC really wanted this to be an R-rated film so this was added. I wouldve much preferred the film without it mostly because it literally does nothing for the plot.

Though the style is similar, there isnt much of a callback to the original batman animated serious and its serious tone. This is definitely a have a good time piece so dont go in there thinking you're going to get detective brilliance like Mask of the Phantasm. Though there is nothing wrong with the style, I think alot of people including myself were sold on the callback of the animated series and how the film is presented could confuse people.


This is a relatively decent film but definitely isnt super strong like the content we are used to getting from DC Comics in the animated department. It kind of reminds me of how I felt about the Killing Joke. It's not a horrible film but it's not great either so it leaves you somewhere in the middle feeling rather indifferent. It had its funny moments but there were also parts you wish they've wouldve just left out, sort of like the entirely too long singing portion in the club.

I'm not sure exactly what changes couldve made this film feel more like the treasures we are used to getting from DC outside of writing and cutting unnecessary scenes but, overall it was still entertaining. I would give this film a 6/10. I wouldnt say watch this if you're bored and just want to do something to kill time.

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