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Thanks to Hypebeast, we are given another reveal in the 7 sneakers coming out for the upcoming Dragonball Adidas collection. The character this time is the infamous Majin Buu. As we all know, Majin Buu was a almost unbeatable villain from the final arc of Dragon Ball Z, especially as Kid Buu. Buu's colorways are show on the new sneaker from Adidas called the Kamanda which was revealed last month and is set to be released later this year.

So, with this new character stepping up to the plate, will you join Team Buu?

I for one think this shoe matches the nature of Buu very well. Adidas is coming strong with this new collaboration appealing both to the fashion culture and the anime culture. this is a great addition to anyone's collection and you would be crazy not to get your hands on this jewel.

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