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The Full DragonBall Adidas Collection Revealed!!

Once again, HypeBeast has revealed the final sneakers of the Dragon Ball Z Adidas collection along with a roll out of release dates with the help of Yeezy Mafia. Each set of releases is to commemorate epic battle throughout the series. Everyone remember the final fight between Goku and Frieza during the destruction of Namek, Even Gohan unlocking his fighting potential against Cell. And we can't forget about Vegeta showing us why he is the Prince of all Saiyans against Majin Buu himself. We all know the almighty Shenron has to have his own stand alone. Let's Take another look at the whole collection.

Son Goku


Son Gohan



Majin Buu


The collection has it's few gems. I personally would cope the Gohan, Vegeta and Shenron. But overall, this collection was a fail. Many fans was looking to this collection to being something epic and amazing. Enjoyable for anime fans of all parts of the world. Yet the choice adidas made to represent these sneakers was as if someone has just googled the show and said "Let's just throw this together!" More research should have done and better sneaker choices should have been made for something that should have been a walk in the park. I hope this is just a leaked mark up collection and you surprise us with something better.

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