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What Happened to DBZ Ultimate Battle 22

Critics, anime fans and gamers alike are all going absolutely nuts over Dragon Ball FighterZ!! As they should! It’s been many moons since there has been an awesome DBZ platform fighting game. I remember when the Budokai games was being ripped off the shelves of EB Games and Funcoland (yes I am showing my age). But way back in the distant past there was game that set the model that all it’s offspring would follow. However, this game was pure TRASH!!! That game was DBZ Ultimate Battle 22!! Do you remember this game? A game with a great concept but the execution was not good AT ALL!!! It was hated by EVERYONE!! BUT WHY!!!! Let’s break this down.

Bad Controls (If that's what were calling them)

If you can figure out how to do a Kamahameha in this game, for the love of GOD PLEASE TELL ME!! The controls don’t make sense. The attacks are not fluid at all. Energy attacks are darn near impossible to pull off. And there isn't a legit combo system!! Throwing punches and kicks do not flow at all. Moving around with the D-Pad feels like I’m dragging around a dead carcass. I can’t express how much I hate these controls.

The Health and Energy Systems are Ridiculous

It doesn’t take much to defeat an opponent. If you get on a roll and land some "combos" (I mean get a few random punches and kicks landed) the health meter would be dropped to about half health. Are you serious!!! And lets talk about that sweet sweet energy meter bar. Let’s just say that if (and I mean if) you pull off a super sexy move. It will take FOREVER to recharge the energy bar. I mean like come on man!!

It was released in 2003 in the U.S.....COME ON!!

This game was released in 1995 in Japan. And didn’t come the U.S for another 8 years!! Their entire marketing team should’ve been fired immediately!! First, there was so much hype building behind this game. There were claims that it could even rival street fighter as the standard for platform fighters. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!! Anyway 2003 rolls around and we in the U.S already have a much superior product in DBZ Budokai! So why on Earth am I going to put down some pure awesomeness, for some absolute putrid scum!! (Sigh) what a shame…..what a shame.

A Few Positive Notes....I Guess

There are two saving graces that this horrid game has is the character selection. There were 22 characters and a few secret ones that you could unlock and play. And that is a heck of a line up! Also, I must give credit to the artist and animators for really creating a platform that looks just Dragon Ball Z. Big credits to them. Do you remember this hot mess? Let me know in the comment section below.

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