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COD WWII First DLC to be released soon

Call of Duty World War II was released two months ago, bring back boots on the ground after the last three futuristic Call of Duty Titles. Despite some bugs and problems at launch date, the game was still a overall success to most players who wanted the classic movement back.

It was announced before the game was even released that their first DLC titled “The Resistance” with three new multiplayer maps, a new war mode map, and nazi zombies to continue the story of zombies. The theme they went for in this DLC are (obviously by the title) based on the resistance fighters who sided with the allied forces during War World II.

It set to released on the 30th of this month on PS4 first then on Xbox One and PC a month later. Are you excited of their first DLC? For Multiplayer or the Nazi Zombies, I’m personally looking forward to the new zombies map but the multiplayer maps look well designed as well.

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