BY GOD DO I LOVE BEAT ‘EM UPS!! It is my favorite genre of all time!! What other gaming genre could you face endless hordes of enemies, with iconic characters, do awesome finishers and jam out to some super sweet tunes all at the same time?!! It’s a real shame that Beat ‘Em Ups don’t get the recognition that they deserve. Well today I am giving you my top 5 favorites of the greatest gaming genre of all time. Before I got started here are some honorable mentions: The Simpsons Arcade, Double Dragon, Battle Toads.

5. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (video game)

(PHEW) that is a mouthful ha-ha. This hidden gem was extremely underrated upon its release back in the mid 90’s. If you’ve never played it (or heard of it), you really need to take a second glance at this one. You played through the events of the Power Rangers movie in much more epic fashion. You are able to choose any of the 6 rangers, each of them had unique weapons and abilities, not to mention after a stage completion they each did their own individual power rangers stance!!! To put the icing on the cake there were boss battles in which you could choose which Megazord you wanted to use to face the monster!! I think the phrase “IT’S MORPHIN TIME” says it all.

4. Golden Axe

A truly epic, classic and a Beat ‘Em Up staple. Debuting in the arcades in the late 80’s, this game took everything from Conan the Barbarian and put it in our hands. You were able to choose between three characters; A dwarf with an awesome axe, a sword wielding barbarian and an amazon with a thirst for battle. Each of these characters have their own back stories which I won’t spoil for you here. This game has everything!! You can ride dinosaurs, knock people off cliffs, and it has some sweet combos. Not to mention these enemies don’t go down easy, so you better bring your “A” game. Throughout the stage you collect magic (or mana for all your middle earth fans out there) and you can do some pretty awesome specials! So, sharpen your blade and let’s do this!

3. Streets of Rage 2

This is one game that doesn’t need an introduction. Everybody and their grandma had this game or blew through quarters playing it at the arcades. A vastly superior sequel to the original. This game took the fight to a new level!! You have four playable characters, all with unique fighting styles, strengths and weaknesses. Also, the combo system is so fluid. You can transition from punches and kicks to a grab attack in a split second without missing a beat! How awesome is that?! Not to mention that the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. If you don’t bop your head to these beats, then you must not like music. Also, the story is very compelling for each character (once again I won’t spoil it here). So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a crow bar and let’s hit the streets!!!

2. TMNT: Turtles in Time

This…. game….is…...AWESOME!! The original arcade version allowed up to 4 players to play at the same time!!!! Let me repeat that…4 PLAYERS AT ONCE!!! Pick your favorite turtle and get ready to yell COWABUNGA for this gaming epic!! The stages are so colorful and full of 80’s/90’s awesomeness. There are a vast number of unique enemies, including like 8 different foot soldiers, mouser robots and all kinds of wacky characters from the comics and the tv show. Not to mention all the iconic bosses and memorable moments (NO SPOILERS FOR YOU). You need to get your hands on this masterpiece and have yourself a radical time!


By far the greatest arcade game of all time!! You can use 6 characters at the same time!! Let me say that again…6 PLAYERS!!! THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE!! Not only can use iconic characters like Storm, Wolverine and Colossus, the fast pace fighting, and gameplay are unmatched. Each character has an epic finishing move, individual combos that are unique for each character, and the character sprites are just so well drawn and animated perfectly. Not to mention who can forget the sound Colossus makes when he does his ultimate move! But this game is super challenging. It has been classified as the greatest quarter eater of all time! The enemies are very powerful and every time you use a special move you will lose a little bit of health!! Man, that’s hardcore!! If you have never played this Beat ‘Em Up classic, you owe it to yourself to give it a go.

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