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Overlord!! GET SOME!!

Hey guys. You know what time it is?? Winter animes!! Yes of course every season a collection of animes come out that we are all dying to watch. Of course we all look for the mainstream animes like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Black clover, blah blah blah. The anime I want to hit on today is none other than Overlord. Overlord is a anime about dive massive multiplayer online game that became highly popular after it's release in the year 2126. With the game finally reaching its peak, after 12 long years the servers are being shut down. The main character, Momonga, the guild leader of the strongest guild called Ainz Oowl Gown, is sadden as he is one of the last remaining members of his guild as he stays logged into the servers as he awaits it's shut down. Instead vanishing, the game has become a reality of its own and NPC of the guild's location take on a life of their own as they serve Momonga who is now trapped in his game avatar. In order to find out what is going on and if any other player is trapped like him, he changes his name to the same name as his guild as a message to other players in his situation as he discovers the mysteries of this new world.

Now, some might say this sounds like Sword Art Online. Yes there are the similarities but this is on a different level. The show has it's own pace but collects the right amount momentum to keep you wanting to watch more. It has it's comedic moment but not over the top on it alone with little to no love interest in particular that is always shown. And the action, hitting you hard at the right moment and keeping you on your seat. I personally game this anime a 2 thumbs up. The first season is already wrapped up and the second season is on its third week. Without spoiling anything, this new season branches straight off from the finale episode of its first season with Momonga trying to conquer the new world in search of power. Like I said, this is a dark horse anime that most would look over. I hope you don't do the same. TILL NEXT TIME!!

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