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Is Pokémon the Greatest RPG of all time??

Whoa…. that is a bold question. But it is a question worth asking, that’s for sure. Last night I was live streaming Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (video of my stream will be below) and I thought to myself “With amazing franchises like Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Legend of Zelda and Monster Hunter out there. How does the Pokémon franchise measure up to the greatest RPG franchises?” Well let me be clear, not only does this franchise measure up, IT SETS THE BAR!!! How could this be? Let’s break it down.


Ok let’s be clear, I know sales can be pretty obscure sometimes due to the fact that it can be based on what has been trending at the right time. But for this comparison were going to be looking at the franchises that have been around for at least 20 years, and compare how many copies have been sold just so we can make this fair. And we will be comparing their RPG titles only.

FINAL FANTASY: Debut-1987, Number of Games-15, Copies Sold-130,000,000

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: Debut-1987, Number of Games-18, Copies Sold-85,000,000

POKEMON: Debut-1996, Number of Games-28, Copies Sold-300,000,000

Wow 300,000,000!!!! That’s more than F.F and Zelda have combined! That is unreal!!!! Ok, ok lets just calm down for a second. It’s not just about money. The real question at this point would be; “Is this game fun?”


According to gaming metrics taken. Pokémon has been called and I quote “Pokémon is amongst the all-time greatest games. When it comes to hunting, collecting, and unlocking, the insatiable appetite for new gear, finding everything the designers put in the game and grinding this game has no equal.” Well that’s a lot to take in. And for the record I personally really enjoy Pokémon. As a matter of fact, I can still see a younger version of myself going to K.B Toys (Yes I’m showing my age again) and getting my first Gameboy and getting my hands on Pokémon Blue. Man, that day was awesome. Well that’s enough flashbacks for me. Let’s move on.

3. Effect on Pop Culture

Everybody and their grandma knows who Pikachu is. The Pokémon is instantly recognizable by absolutely everyone. To say the least the character is popular. Check out that awesome cosplay picture up there. Look at that cute baby. Besides that, there has been countless T.V shows, movies, trading cards, action figures and spin-offs to last 1,000 years. So, to say the least the impact on our culture is legitimate. So where do you think Pokémon stacks up in comparison to the other titans of RPG? What’s your favorite Pokémon game? Let me know in the comment section below. Until next time happy gaming.

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