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Playstation Has Joined the Sneaker Game

WOOOOAAAHH!! I can not believe that a gem like this has been made. Playstation has teamed up with Nike to create this amazing sneaker called Nike PG2 "Playstation( yes. I know. Repetitive use of words.) This sneaker was made to display the playstation in a form of fashion to be seen by the world yet at the same time have comfort for those in possession. The sneaker comes in the colorway of the system along with a PSN Voucher Code on the back of the sneaker. These sneaker are on made in a limited quantities and is something you can't miss. It comes out this Saturday and for the affordable price of $110. I don't know about you guys, but I am on a mission to have these smaking kicks in my arsenal. And frankly, this sneaker looks better than what Adidas is trying to do with Dragonball Z. They can take a few lessons. But check these things out and let me know if you are gonna step into this word.

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