If you have been keeping up with my blogs, you will notice a pattern about me; I LOVE ARCADE GAMES!! So last night I was streaming X-Men Arcade (video below for your viewing pleasure). As I was cruising through the stages like it was 1996, I thought to myself “What the heck happened to arcades?” Every where I turn an arcade is closing left and right! It just breaks my heart to see a place where children used to gather for countless hours of fun and awesomeness being brought to ruin. I can’t even begin to tell you how many quarters I have spent in those magical places (sigh). Well let’s try to figure out what went wrong. We shall do this be tackling both the pros and cons of each of the subjects that has destroyed arcades as we know it.



PRO: I guess everyone knew that this was going to be the major issue off the jump. The modern day online gaming experience has brought all the action of going to an arcade and hanging out with your friends right to your home. Nowadays you don’t have to put on any pants, get on your 10-speed bike and ride to the arcade. It is literally right in front of you. The one thing we all love is convenience.

CON: Since we are all now sitting on our couches with headphones on our heads like my buddy Eric Cartman up there, we are no longer gaining the experience of physically rubbing shoulders with like minded people on a regular basis. There is no greater feeling than being with a bunch of your friends throwing endless quarters into GOLDEN AXE cheering each other on during co-op play. Or kicking your friend’s butt in Street Fighter 2 with a bunch of onlookers and gaining the crown of king of the arcade. All of that is taken away by online gaming.

Console Gaming System

PRO: Having a gaming console in the privacy of your own home is pretty sweet. There was a time when there wasn’t a console in every home. Therefore, people literally had to go to an arcade to satisfy their gaming needs. Not to mention that the competition is fierce. Every major company has their own gaming system out trying to snatch up your dollar! Never before in history have gamers had so many options. But once again we are still dancing around the idea of convenience, which I completely understand.

CON: MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Console systems cost way too much cash. New generation systems such as the Xbox One and PS4 can easily cost you $500.00!!! That is a lot of cash. Not to mention each game is $60.00! Those prices are insane. I will walk to the arcade any day and every day instead of forking out that kind of cash for every game that is coming out, good grief.

Gaming Companies Aren’t Producing Arcade Games Anymore

PRO: With companies focusing so heavily on console and p.c gaming these days, they will be able to make more quality games for the growing market of home console gamers. Which makes a lot of sense if you were to ask me. Gaming companies are trying to maximize profits. If that means cutting off a truly valued sector of nostalgia and good feels to accomplish it…then so be it.

CON: What gaming companies don’t realize is; that there is still a huge market for people that want the arcade experience. Take Dave & Busters for example. This company is like the last arcade standing! It has 109 locations and is worth around $800,000,000!!! That’s crazy money, especially for a market that is supposedly “dead”. They might need to open their eyes and see that the people from yester year are still itching for a genuine arcade gaming experience. Not to mention that every major beach in the country is flooded with arcade strips. Is that by mistake? No way! There are plenty of folks out there that still want that genuine experience.

So, this is my list for why I believe the arcade industry is dwindling. Do you have an opinion? I would love to hear about. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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