Ahh the fighting game genre. In recent years it has taken quite a decline in both quality and the quantity of titles that have been released. But, I remember a much simpler time when fighting games ruled the arcades and the homes of children everywhere! So let's jump into my top 5 platform fighting games! To be fair this list will have one representative per franchise.

5. Soul Calibur 2

The Soul Calibur series is a really underrated fighting game series. It has face paced action, super sweet combos and very interesting characters. Soul Calibur 2 takes this to the next level with crossover characters!! From the fighting series Tekken you can earn Yoshimitsu and Heihachi Mishima. And for all of those Legend of Zelda fans, Link is a playable character, How cool is that!!

4. Samurai Showdown

An absolute classic for the Neo Geo! This was SNK at it's best. With epic combos and out of this world finishers this game at one point gave Street Fighter a run for their money. Who wouldn't love swinging around swords that are way too big for the characters body?! Unfortunately the Neo Geo wasn't a strong enough system and fell in the console wars. If that didnt happen we might still be talking about this game today.

3. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

A game that needs no introduction. The greatest gaming crossover of all time!! This game had over 50 characters, lightning paced combat and the greatest special/ultimate attacks of all time! I am sure that everyone has played this epic classic at least one time. This game was very addictive and had a lot of unlockable color, characters and other sweet goodies. I still play this game today. You know what..I am going to play this game right now!

2. Mortal Kombat 2

FINISH HIM!!! Those words have echoed through my head my entire life! Mortal Kombat is truly the granddaddy of brutality and finishing moves. Look at the picture up there. I remember the first time I ever did Subzero's fatality. I nearly wet myself with excitement. Anyway I digress. This sequel was a huge upgrade from the original. The motion capture animation was much more crisp, smooth and the combos flowed beautifully. The character selection was much more vast (despite the 7 different colored ninjas lol). If you've never played this....get your hands on a copy immediately.

1. Street Fighter 2

Was there any doubt that Street Fighter 2 was going to take my number one spot?! I have been playing this series from the very beginning. I can honestly say that without this game I wouldnt have tried any other games on this list. So let's jump into this real quick. The original Street Fighter had a linear story, had about 6 playable characters and game play was mediocre at best. This sequel had a new characters, new locations, the crispest combos for it's time and had the hardest boss ever. I still have nightmares about M.Bison and stupid psycho crusher technique. On top of all of that awesomeness this game was released with even more versions. Each one included new characters, super moves and finishing moves. All in all this game is gold!!

So that is my epic top 5 platform fighting games. What do you think? I would like to here your opinion in the comment section below.

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