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Retro Thoughts: Mega Drive Mini

It has been a month since SEGA has announced the return of the granddaddy of SEGA console gaming. I must admit, I am still really excited about this, despite the lack of information provided surrounding the console. I know…I know they’re copying Nintendo, seeing all the success the company had re-releasing the NES and SNES Classic. But, I think it’s much deeper than that. The release is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the system. I think this is SEGA’s way back into the console wars. I know that sounds, crazy but let me explain.

The new generation of gamers know nothing about the SEGA Genesis. Allow me to repeat myself “They know NOTHING about the SEGA Genesis.” In the day and age of rinse and repeat shooters, over the top story arcs in RPG’s and micro-transactions in everything, this may be an opportunity for SEGA to strike. By introducing simple game play, catchy tunes, vibrant colors and not to mention FUN to the new generation, they have a chance to sway some interest to their brand. And let’s be honest, the 90’s styles are surging back. Sony has re-released Crash Bandicoot with remarkable success and are re-releasing Spyro the Dragon later this year. It’s time for SEGA to strike while the iron is hot. Not to mention the industry is in dire need of a fresh look, I am personally getting tired of everything being a shooter or a cinematic masterpiece. Whatever happened to good old fashioned “FUN”.

I also think this could be SEGA’s opportunity to get full rights to their IP’s again. Think about it, every single console out today is using countless IP’s from SEGA. For instance; Yakuza, Sonic, Phantasy Star and Shinobi are still being made today and are still extremely popular. Can you imagine SEGA releasing a new system with not only the classics from years ago, but with exclusive IP’s?! It would be insane and extremely lucrative. The SEGA Dreamcast is still one of the most sought-after game systems today. Now why is that? The system had a legendary line-up of titles that are lost today. Tiles such as Power Stone, Skies or Arcadia, Street Fighter Alpha, Virtua Cop, Time Crisis and a bunch more. Who wouldn’t want to see these revived on a SEGA exclusive console? I know I would!

So here is a question to you; Would you like to see SEGA make a comeback? Let me know in the comment section below.

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