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Save Me Now |Shiki(TMNS)| is upbeat sadness at it's finest

Our favorite Otaku rapper Shiki is back with a new fire track that explores a different side of this artist. Usually our ears are blessed with hyper rhymes about taking your kanojo and being the Senpai of all rappers to come, this track titled Save Me Now, produced by Mittens, explores a more insecure side of Shiki.

The production of the track is in direct contrast with the style of lyricism. The track is upbeat and happy while the words aligned with it our rather deep. He discusses self love and the lack of it present within himself unless he's rhyming on a track. He also discusses a sense of non-fulfillment in his everyday life while his heart calls him to the mic. His passions have led him to music infused with his favorite media, anime.

It's clear Shiki is exploring layers of his soul in this track and it all culminates together with the dark sort of sorrowful chorus. All in all this is a great track for even greater artist who not only seems to be testing his variation of style but also his subject matter. To take a listen to the track click the link below! Also, if there are any other geek themed artists you would like to see us cover, drop a comment under this post!

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