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Welcome to the Nerd Sanctuary! a look inside Morgan's Comics

Morgan’s Comics is an independently owned comic and sundry shop in Asheville, NC. Newly renamed and under new management- “The Nerd Sanctuary” Is open for business to fulfil your geek needs. Comics, action figures, tabletop minis, manga, retro games, and t shirts can all be found here. As a West (Best) Asheville citizen, I am beyond stoked to have such an amazing shop in my own backyard. I recently had the Privilege of speaking with the nerd Goddess herself, Morgan Albritton about fandoms, comics, and gender norms surrounding Geek culture.

Previously existing as Haywood Comics- the business has changed hands and continues to flourish under its new management and identity. If you find yourself in Asheville and consider yourself a fan of all things Geeky, You will certainly want to explore this shop- I for one count it among my favorite In-Town destinations.

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