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Initial D: How I Fell In Love With Anime

Takumi Fujiwara vs. Keisuke Takahashi

So, I was twelve and it was a random night. I had just used Netflix for the first time ever. I come across this show that had come out in the 90's and I was skeptical at first. Greeted with the Japanese rap music and AE-86 for an intro (which lasted about a whole 1:34 seconds) I was greeted with scenes of a mountain pass and I was instantly hooked and i couldn't stop watching this Toyota Corolla drift at full speed around these corners and the old 3D animation it used had my 12 year old mind curious to see where the characters. might take my curious mind.

                 Takumi himself is a very shallow character at first glance and doesn't seem as though there is much depth but that is honestly the creators intention. TO bring in the character development over a period of time in order to grab the story and rake up all the story and bring it together. Itsuki is also introduced as the energetic comic relief.and acts like he has some sort of ADHD but sometimes he definitely can lift the viewer into high spirits

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