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DC Gets X-Rated With Mature Line: Batman Got A Little Schmeat!?|+18 & Over|

Oh no say it ain’t so Batman. Superior in every way but the one that matters. Unlike anime, it seems DC Comics artists have decided to go a more average route in their depictions of the male body. As we know their females surely don’t get the same treatment as Batman’s poor little batarang here. 

In Batman: Damned, the Joker is dead and Batman can’t seem to remember if he’s the one who did it. In listing the help of more other worldly means, John Constantine comes to aid Batman in this supernatural horror story created by Bermejo and Azzarello.

with DC’s Black Label we are sure to see more images of Bruce Wayne’s little friend. However digital issues have been  censored. What are your thoughts on the Dc Black Label and the x-rated theme? I honestly would’ve liked to see them attach an elephant trunk to my favorite superhero. The man deserves it!  I don’t read comics for realism I read them for the plot.....plot I can now say is associated with Batman’s genitalia. If the females can be built like Beyoncé then Batman can get the schlong we deserve.

Check out the comic here! 

Batman Damned

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