The year is 2001, a young man just entered his local arcade. His eyes lit up bright with excitement and glee. For his arcade had finally got one of the greatest music games of all time: DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! As you can tell that young man was me, and that was my exact reaction when I finally got to play this game. This game came out in Japan in 1998 and later to the U.S in 1999. People used to break their backs to play this and to see those semi-pros hit unimaginable combos. I remember this so fondly. Sadly, with the decline of functioning arcades in the U.S this classic has loss some popularity over the years. Today’s Millennials probably don’t even know what this is. So, let’s discuss a few things that made this thing unforgettable.


No controller? No problem. DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION perfected and popularized the use of the dance pad or dance platform. For those out there that have been living under a rock; The player would step onto the arrows on the pad that would match the arrows on the screen and sync to the rhythm. Sounds easy right? Ehhh not as easy as you think. Your hand-eye (or hand-foot in this case) coordination was really put to the test. You had to really know your body pretty well if you wanted to dominate in this one. Also, the design was really cool. The pad was compacted with multiple weight-resitive servos in order for people of any size to play. Isn’t that awesome! No other game was able to do it better.


Now to be honest I am not an EDM/TECHNO fan. But you must be Frankenstein to not feel the beats of this game’s soundtracks. Ranging from old school techno to modern day electronica, this masterpiece had something that would get the biggest stiff in the room to start moving their bodies. Also, the game musing would sync with the successful pad taps that the player would make. So, if they’re playing really well the music would be smooth as butter. But, if they weren’t doing so hot…they would know for sure. This is a technique and feature that would be later used in games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.


If you don’t know how to dance this is a good place to start. This game teaches you how to follow rhythm; coordination and how to manage quick strike timing. I know that I have learned a thing or to from this game. Also, there have been many all over the world that have used this game to inspire them to get in shape. In Japan there are aerobics classes that use DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION as a cardio machine to lose weight. I can see the appeal for sure. It’s a fun way to lose weight and stay in shape.

So, do you remember DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION?! What kind of experiences do you remember? Let me know in the comment section below.

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