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The video game gods have heard us all. After the successful launch of Crash Bandicoot's Remaster, the populace cried out for Spyro and through the magic of fan outcry, HE'S BACK! This game above all things is a nostalgia fueled ride you are sure to love and not only that it is technically sound! It seems the developers learned from the Crash Bandicoot predecessor and ensured that Spyro was fully functional even after it's initial release date was backed up. It seems that all the waiting has paid off because this game is a modern day masterpiece and a beautiful love note to the original games we all new and love.


Spyro the Reignited Trilogy does everything you want in a remake. Better graphics, fun gameplay, and no real diversion from the strong points of the game that we enjoyed long before the better visuals and controls. This remaster gives three original Spyro games a home and does so in the old school style of "memory card slots" similar to the old game saving techniques of the original Playstation. The game revisits old story lines but because of how well the game controls work the p[ayer becomes fully invested in the game play. There are very few moments that come to mind where I did not find myself enjoying the game.

The reanimating of cut scenes and the re imagining of the dragons that get freed from the statues are also a great tool for making the content feel new. The crazy outfits and funny mannerisms of characters such as Rosco and others really make the world feel alive in a way that reinvigorates your inner child.

The level designs are actually fun, complicated, but playable. There wasn't a moment where I became frustrated with the game or its mechanics. This was an issue that I found in Crash bandicoot, where there moments where Crash just literally would slide off of platforms, not respond to commands given through controller, and other things that are sure to annoy a player just trying to revisit their childhood favorites.


After logging hours of time into the game, there are very few notable issues that can be discussed. The only one I could think of really is story line. As a kid these Spyro story lines were great and engaging, but as an adult its just not the case. Even though the story may not capture you like it once it is still cohesive even if some parts of it don't make much sense. This is nit picking honestly and I still found myself laughing at lines from the characters, fully invested regardless of a slightly mediocre story line, and in love with every bit of nostalgia that hit me


If you were a Spyro fan back in the 90s then you're probably still a fan to this day. Spyro came out in a time where children were looking for something fresh and fun to play and the purple dragon won the hearts of many! Like Crash Bandicoot many of us have been waiting for this revival, if not begging someone to take on the challenge. It's finally here, its only $30, like it's Crash Bandicoot predecessor, and it is worth every single penny. Let the nostalgia flow through you the way that fire flows through his veins! Not only is he a great character but the Reignited Trilogy is a technically sound game that every 90s kid is sure to love. 10/10!

Check out the trailer here:

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