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This is a classic for any comic book fan. This is one of the strongest animated comic book films to come out since Batman Mask of the Phantasm. In this film we follow both the wacky, depressing, and soul searching journey of Miles Morales as he dawns the mask in an attempt to make sure all his Spider people across dimensions make it home. Get your web shooters ready because this is a film to remember with one of the strongest studies of character growth and musical sound track to ever be released in a Marvel title.


Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse follows a wonderfully creative ethnically diversed kid from Brooklyn known as Miles Morales. Miles being both black and latino, the film does a wonderful job of showing how each culture is cultivated within him. He doesn't identify as just one but both and them seamless meshing of the two cultures are wondefuly represented and executed within his house hold and day to day life. This makes Miles and his version of the Spider-Man story feel alive. His art gives depth to him as a character and helps personify his unique style as Spider-Man.

The city of Brooklyn is alive and seems to breathe with every step the characters take in the film. The sound track, is perfect. These little nuisances usually aren't discussed in reviews but they played such a huge role in captivating the audience,. We get to here from the king of NYC, Biggie as Miles interacts with his Uncle. These little things really help bring the authenticity of the city to life. Not only that, but the pairing of Peter Parker and Miles Morales showed depth to each Spider-Men in their own right. Pete is significantly older so he almost takes on like a masked big brother/father figure as he teaches Miles the ropes. This is a wonderful call back to the comics. We even some fourth wall breaking from the Noir Spider-man. It wouldn't be a Marvel movie without this now would it.

Last but not least, the animation style is immaculate. It gives you a real comic book feel. With speech bubbles and a grainy overlay to each scene, you can't help but feel like you're turning the pages in one of Stan Lee's classic. This style is beautifully bright and seamless. It meets the energy of the story lines and really brings all the words to life with over the top expressions, dazzling special effects, and gorgeous backgrounds. Not only that, but we are graced with a Stan Lee cameo, which made all the warm and fuzzies come to the surface. RIP to Stan Lee, one of the greatest minds to ever do it.


Honestly, I have nothing to say *shrugs*


Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse is worth every penny. If you're a Spider-Man fan you can not go through life without seeing this film and the beautiful creativity that went into it. From the art, the story, to soundtrack this movie is phenomenal. I'm going for a second viewing right now without question as soon as this gets published.


Check out the trailer here:

Check out the soundtrack (it's super important):

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