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HOK Comics:TOUCH |Touch Me For Valentine's Day|

Are you alone? In need of some physical contact? Well Jona Maza has probably had her fair share of folks in her personal space as the main character in the comic Touch by HOK Comics! "Touch" is an action/crime story, spiced up with a little bit of mystery. It's the story of this rough and tumble cop previously named with a power that is pretty bad ass; when she touches something with her bare skin, she can see the emotions of others who touched it before. Thanks to the creators at HOK comics, we were able to take a first hand look at Touch #1-4 and for an indie startup, HOK is bringing some major studio worthy punches in this title!


With a serial killer on the loose with an inclination to let women freeze to death while rolling a camera, officers Patrick and Walter find themselves in a race against time to catch the culprit. The serial killer isn't some random weirdo on the street and the reader could actually find this particular character rather engaging as his reasoning becomes more explored as each page is turned. The story flows a lot like a CSI or a Lie to Me

The setup of the comic is just as engaging as the story. The occasional over head shot of homicide scenes set up like an aerial view of an apartment really helped break up the usual monotony that comes with reading comic book panels as pages can get repetitive. Even the small details like the "previously on Touch" scenes through the company's online setup makes the return to the comic fresh and reminiscent of old school detective television.

Jona Maza is actually a very interesting character in terms of the decisions she makes and how she uses her powers. She doesn't seem to be one of those "oh no, the horror these powers" type, but she uses them to do her job and help people. She has a very similar vibe to Sara Pezzini from Witchblade, which is honestly a good thing. Her tom-boy demeanor with her rough and tumble attitude makes her a force to be reckoned with in the series Touch! Yes there are supporting characters, but you will find yourself falling in love with her as she carries this bad ass persona without the crutch a wounded hero cliche.


Touch does a lot of things right! The story is compelling and different, the main characters are actually rather engaging, and the tone is just right for this thriller/action oriented story. Where Touch does fall short is the art style. At times, the art seems a little too under developed for the story it's carrying. As an artist, I found myself wondering why brighter colors were used in more "serious settings". This is mostly nitpicking, but it is something important to state. A more sin city, heavier use of dark colors would've really pushed this title to stand with some of the likes of Image Comics and DC. Some of the art could've used a more professional touch, but again these are small things that a reader could over look for simple enjoyment of the comics.


Touch was engaging and right up your alley if you're looking for someone to scratch that police detective itch. As a big fan of comic book characters like Witchblade's Sara Pezzini and Batman, I found myself really enjoying this digital release. Touch is complete Kickstarter funded and does a great job of really involving their readers with an engaging online presence, variant comic book covers, and much more. HOK Comics has put their best foot forward with Touch. The unique power that inhabits Jona Maza are explored in a fresh way and the crazy murder on the loose isn't reduced to just a psycho, but one with an actual mission at hand. I give this a solid 7.5/10 and the stamp of Valentine's Day Approval from the GeekETV Family!

Check out the comic here:


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