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Epic Real Life Genji Sword from Kolour Co!

There’s nothing like a real-world blade inspired by some of the gaming worlds greatest warriors! Kolour Co has shown themselves to be capable of not only creating a durable blade, but a blade full of personality that any Geek is sure to want to add to their collection! Whether you wish to hang this sword up like a decoration, add to your vicious cosplay of the robotic samurai, or wish to use it in your martial arts training, this real life Genji Sword will appease all your needs!

If you know anything about the swift Genji, you know he prefers close quarters combat and mobility. He specializes in swift strikes and can deal out considerable damage for a character that isn’t a tank. To be quite honest, Genji was probably the most annoying character to play against in Overwatch matches if the users knew how to properly play to his strengths.

He is known to not only use shurikens, but the formidable Dragonbalde, a katana he uses to deal out a ridiculous amount of damage and uses it to deflect projectile attacks.

Though Kolour Co.’s version of the Katana can’t give you enhanced cybernetic abilities or the ability to literally deflect bullets, what it can give you is a stylish blade that is sure to start conversation with geeks and nerds alike. The blade comes in three assorted colors; Genji’s original black and green (inspired by the Common skin), the red and white (inspired by the Nihon skin), and the black and red (inspired by the Oni skin). Personally, I am a huge fan of the Oni skin and the red/black color combination is extremely eye catching which makes it a favorite of mine.

Not only that but each blade is made from carbon steel to ensure durability, comes with a uniquely designed sheath, has a blade length of 27”, has a dull blade (for all you cosplayers out there) but can be sharpened if the owner wishes (I personally sharped the tip of the blade so it wouldn’t damage the design), and is one of the most unique thing you’ll find on the internet. Both the Nihon and Classic blades are $49.95 on the Kolour Co. site with the Oni being priced at $89.95. A small price to pay to be the most awesome geek blade collector in town.

If you have the time, check out the Geeketv Genji Sword Fruit Ninja Test Video

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