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RUNNING A TRAIN |Demon Slayer Mugen Train Review|


The hype for Demon Slayer as an anime was absolutely unreal but this animated epic proved to be worth every ounce of clout. The same can be said for Demon Slayer's box office hit, Mugen Train. If you're looking for an explosive way to start your summer off, Demon Slayer Mugen Train is the movie you need to go see. You are sure to laugh, cry, and be ready to fight at the end of it. This action packed film is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat amazed by the dazzling animation, complicated story line, and absolute destruction of your heart.


Just like the anime, Demon Slayer Mugen Train starts off with an absolute bang. The film finds its footing quickly with our favorites finding themselves in the clutches of a powerful demon with a plot so sinister it affects everyone adversely. The strongest leg Mugen Train has is its complicated yet thrilling story. There is never a moment when watching this film that a viewer will find themselves bored. The story follows our heroes on a train that is literally the living breathing demon they are sure to face. After using a powerful spell, each character finds themselves in a host of pleasant dreams, trapped and unaware of the danger that awaits. The team has to fight their way in some of the most violent ways possible to free themselves-just to be met with the strong demon that set the trap. Without saying too much, Tanjiro along with his friends are able to defeat this particular demon-but are soon met with Akaza, the third demon. That's where we will leave that.

The second thing to be mentioned should be the drop dead beautiful art and animation style that Demon Slayer is known for. This movie's flawless animation is all consuming and captivating. It is full of moments where a viewer's draw will drop to the floor such as the water breath forms he uses to slice at the demon controlling the train. Moments when Rengoku is fighting the third demon will leave your eyes wide. It is so rare to see such gorgeous animations in today's media but Demon Slayer Mugen Train continues the quality that the anime is known for. Mugen Train holds no punches with keeping you fully engaged with its array of beautiful movements, colorful design pallets, and bold character designs.

A final thing that should be mentioned strength wise is the length of time this film is able to carry without making the viewer feel like its dragging a long. There was never a dull moment during this film and the pacing was absolutely perfect. Even when backgrounds for characters were revisited, there was never a time where the extra information felt like it lagged the progression of the story or served no real purpose. All pieces of dialogue, fights, and functions within the film were necessary for the ending, making the timing of the film impeccable.


The only issue I have with this film, is its ending. Is there anything actually wrong with it? Not at all. I am simply dissatisifed with the way a particular character died. Although he did give his all and went out a G, he is a personal favorite of mine and it was hard to watch him deteriorate. Other than this particular death, this film was more than enjoyable and evoked a lot of emotion.


Demon Slayer Mugen Train was everything I hoped it would be. It was an engaging film with a deep, twister of a story line that kept me on the edge of my seat. The story was beautiful complimented by the action, animation, and style we know Demon Slayer to uphold. This summer block buster is worth every penny and I give it a solid 9/10. It would've been a 10/10 if they didn't kill my home....RIP

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